Is It Time To Change?

Consider replacing your older toilet with the 6-litre ULF (ultra low flow) toilet or other low-volume units which use less than half the water of older models. Dual-flush technology takes water efficiency a step further by using 6 litres of water to flush solid waste but only 3 litres to flush liquid waste.

Choosing Your New Toilet

Consult Axel's Water & Plumbing for assistance in choosing the most suitable and efficient model for your residence. Six litre toilets vary in price, from $99-$750 or more, depending on brand name and features. Costs for installation also vary. The ability to flush well without clogging is important. When comparing toilets, note that larger traps are less likely to clog. Toilets with larger bowl water surface areas generally require fewer cleanings. If your new toilet has a smaller base than your old one, you may need to replace the flooring around the toilet. Useful websites for toilet information are Canadian Water and Wastewater Association and for MAP testing MAP Maximum Performance website. 

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