Axel's Water & Plumbing


    While there aren’t any “Grooms of the Stool” trained in Canada, you may have one anyway, thanks to AXEL’s Water & Plumbing, 107 S. May St., (near City Hall).

   At AXEL’s you’ll get a brand name washlet that will do the same job that a royal groom of the stool did for the Kings of England.

   The groom of the stool was helping kings for centuries, during excretion and ablution, making sure they were properly wiped. King Edward VII abolished the position in 1901. It had lasted since 1485.

   A brand-name washlet from AXEL’s  will do the same job in the privacy of your own washroom. Just replace your toilet seat with a washlet from AXEL’s.

   The washlet seat is heated and like a bidet it will wash your posterior with warm water and then blow it dry with warm air. A remote control permits you to set the temperature of the seat, the water and the dryer. In many cases, you may not even need any toilet paper. Just pull up your underwear.

   As an added bonus, it has a slow-close seat and lid, an automatic air deodorizer and comes with a built-in night light. It even has a special setting for the ladies and acts as a bidet. The water pressure can be set to regular, pulsating and oscillating.  This is comfort pure.

   You may not be royalty but, you and your spouse deserve one. Also, your friends and relatives will be impressed. (Who said jealous?)

   For a free demonstration, see AXEL’s, 107 S. May Street, (near City Hall), any Saturday by appointment only. For your private appointment call 623-4488 during regular business hours.

   A washlet from AXEL’s is the ideal present for your loved-ones, be it for Christmas, birthday, or any other occasion.

  There is a reason, AXEL’s customers call Axel – the owner – The Toilet King. For more info, pictures and videos of the store go to