For many years, you have known Axel, the owner and manager of AXEL’s Water & Plumbing, 107 South May Street, Thunder Bay, ON ( near City Hall), as Northwestern Ontario’s TOILET KING.

Now, Axel has put on a second hat. He also wants to be your water treatment & filtration dealer. Soon, he’ll be known as Northwestern Ontario’s FILTERMAN.

But will Axel qualify?

AXEL’s has enlarged its water treatment & filtration department. As of last count, AXEL’s has more than 1,000 water filters of different sizes and kinds in stock, plus more than 250 UV bulbs in different sizes, plus water softeners, filter housings, reverse osmosis systems, ultra violet disinfection systems, pressure tanks, pumps, etc. It’s all in stock for immediate delivery or installation.

This huge selection is the reason why not only home owners, but also commercial users, like institutions and government agencies, are among AXEL’s loyal customers.

In addition, AXEL’s repeat customers confirm that AXEL’s prices for filters are in many cases more than 50% lower than elsewhere, i.e. top quality sediment filters that are sold elsewhere for $5.95 cost only $2.50 each if you by four at AXEL’s.

The famous health guru and New York Times best-seller author Dr. M.H. (M.D.) recommends in his books and website to drink and use only carbon-filtered water. A simple carbon filtration system for less than $100 will do the trick and gets rid of the awful chlorine smell and taste of your water. It will also act as a sediment filter.

Solution of Your Problems 

Are you tired of sediment (sand and dirt) in your municipal, well or lake water? AXEL’s can provide you with a Sediment Filtration System to solve your problem.

Are you sick and tired of the chlorine taste and smell of your city water source? AXEL’s can provide you with a Carbon Filtration System to solve your problem.

Are you tired of worrying about pathogens such as : cryptosporidium parvum oocysts, giardia lamblia cysts, cholera, salmonella (thyphi), legionella pneumophilia, shingella, escherichia coli, salmonella entriditis, or staphylococcus in your well or lake water? AXEL’s can provide you with an proper Ultraviolet Disinfection System to solve your problem.

Are you tired of hard water staining or calcifying your plumbing fixtures? Does the hard water prevent your dish soap or shampoo from lathering? AXEL’s can provide you with a Water Softening System to solve your problem.

Is the taste of your municipal, well or lake water annoying you? AXEL’s can provide you with a Reverse Osmosis Water System to solve your problem.

Whatever your concerns are regarding your water system, Axel has decades of experience dealing with water filtration systems and usually has a reasonably priced solution for your problem. Don’t fall for the fly-by-night outfits CBC’s Market Place has been warning the public.

Check us out at 107 South May St., Thunder Bay. We are a legit business and not run out of a garage or the back of a pick-up truck. Axel, the owner and manager of AXEL’s, is a certified graduate of a recognized Water Treatment Education Programme.

AXEL’s Water & Plumbing has Northwestern Ontario’s hottest prices on filtration products.

See for yourself:

Sediment filtration cartridges starting at 99¢ each.

Sediment sock filters starting at 99¢ each.

Carbon filter cartridges starting at $5.97 each.

Ultraviolet Disinfection Systems starting at $242.50.

Water Softening Systems starting at $399.97.

Reverse Osmosis Systems starting at $199.87.

Cartridge filter housings starting at $14.97.

Ultraviolet replacement bulbs starting at $9.97 each.

As you can judge from AXEL’s Club Pricing above, it costs less than you thought to fix your water system problem. If you have any concerns about your municipal, well or lake water, see AXEL’s Water & Plumbing, 107 South May Street (near City Hall). Axel of AXEL’s will gladly help you to find a reasonably priced solution. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Sometimes, less is more.

YOU, our customers, have turned AXEL’s Water & Plumbing into Northwestern Ontario’s leading toilet specialist, because we try harder to please you. Why? Because we can not afford to take you for granted. YOU are always #1 with AXEL’s. For years, we do this also for all our water treatment & filtration customers.

Go with AXEL’s next time you need a plumber for repairs, are in the market for plumbing supplies, water treatment, filtration, or a new installation. See AXEL’s when only the best will do for you – in price and service.

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