Axel's Water & Plumbing

Would you buy a new
 $59,000 car for $25,000

​   By doing so, you could save $34,000 or 57.6%. Not everyone in Thunder Bay would: Out of dealer loyalty. Here’s the proof.

   Countless Thunder Bay area residents pay $5.90 for their sediment water filters. The same filter sells for $2.50 (a 57.6% saving) at AXEL’s at 107 South May Street (near City Hall).

    AXEL’s customers report huge savings, i.e. paying somewhere else up to $22.00 for a carbon filter which sells for $5.97 at AXEL’s.

   How far does your loyalty go to support outrageous prices at the filter dealer you know? Can you afford to throw away savings of 57.6 percent? You wouldn’t do this on a car purchase.

   At AXEL’s you’ll find all you need for water treatment & filtration AXEL’s has a huge selection at rock-bottom prices: That’s why AXEL, the owner, is known as Thunder Bay’sFILTERMAN.

   AXEL’s has more than 1,000 water, pool and spafilters and supplies, as well as more than 250 UV lights in stock.